Playgrounds & parks in the surrounding area

Leisure park NIEDERRASEN

Only 150 m away from the hotel you will find a great leisure park with children's playground, minigolf and Kneipp facilities! This makes the little ones happy and satisfied while the parents can relax and enjoy!


The Wasserwaldile is a water course in the forests of Niederrasen, it is especially popular on hot summer days. Along the water course there are always new attractions waiting to be discovered, such as bouncing stones, wooden discs for balancing or various water games.

Gustav Mahler wildlife park

The wildlife park in Toblach has a lot to offer! Discover different wild animal species up close and learn how small and large animals can survive even in freezing winters. A children's playground and the Gustav Mahler composing house, which can also be visited, are also waiting for you!

children's world

The “Children's World” in Olang is an extensive natural playground on the edge of the forest. The near-natural playground extends over several hundred meters and invites the whole family to test their skills at the forest playground, in the water world and in a climbing area.

Kron Arc 

Roam the forests of Valdaora and test your marksmanship with a bow and arrow. It’s possible in our ARC 3D archery course. The targets:28 plastic animals. Your mission: to land as many hits as possible. Find out who’s the best marksman! After the archery you can also take a trip to the trampoline and tubing park.
Outdoor fun and action for the whole family!


The flyline in Rein in Taufers is a spectacular nature experience for young and old! Hike to the Sand in Taufers waterfalls and enjoy a leisurely but unique ride on the Fly-Line! "Fly" down like a bird in narrow and wide swings between the trees and watch the waterfalls from a bird's eye view.

Mine adventure in Prettau

The Prettau show mine offers you an exciting journey into the history of mining and copper mining in South Tyrol. A mine train takes you around 1,000 meters into the mountain, where the little guests can go on a treasure hunt! You will also learn everything about the hard life of the miners and what the climatic tunnel and its healing properties are all about!

Toboggan run on rails (HAUNOLD and KLAUSBERG)

The Alpine Coaster “Klausberg-Flitzer” is the greatest and longest toboggan run on rails in Italy. Those who are always searching for a new adrenaline rush will find great appreciation for this racing fun next to the Klausberg mountain station. The Haunold family mountain in Innichen also offers a spectacular family experience with its summer toboggan run.

climbing garden Issing 

With 14 courses and over 140 stations, KronAction is the largest high ropes course in South Tyrol. From small to big - here everybody gets his taste. This is also thanks to the Kids Area where the little ones can really let off steam. And for all the big ones, the human slingshot or the power fan hides a new adventure!


Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures in St. Vigil is not a place for the fearful! Discover the largest zipline in Europe in the adventure park. A 3.2 m long, 100 m high and 80 km / h fast zipline flight is waiting for you. Pure adrenaline is guaranteed!

Wildlife park in Assling

The Assling Wildlife Park in East Tyrol makes the hearts of animal lovers beat faster. 35 species of native wildlife are represented here, waiting to be visited. During the 1.5 hour tour you can watch the animals and experience nature. There is also a summer toboggan run in the zoo, which meanders through the beautiful landscape.

Olperl's Mountain adventure world 

Since time immemorial children in Sesto have listened to the mysterious, exciting tales of Olperl with their eyes wide and their ears pricked. But who, or what, is he? Neither man nor beast. You might say he is the good, but temperamental little spirit of the Sesto Dolomites. Hidden deep in the woods, the Olperl only comes out every now and again, to frighten hikers with shrill whistles and play mischievous tricks on them! A perfect hike for all the family!


Visit the adventure farm in the Gsiesertal. With approx. 100 animals including llama, alpaca, bison, buffalo, pigs, horses, sheep and many more you will certainly not be bored! The farm's own tavern with regional and homemade products also invites you to enjoy a refreshment.


In the middle of the waves of the white water rivers in the Pustertal Valley the perfect family experience awaits you. With different routes of the 'Creative Raft' there is something for everyone!
And the best part? Admission to the outdoor pool is included in every tour.

Reindeer feeding Rotwand

The reindeer feeding at the top station of the cable car Rotwand is an unforgettable highlight not only for kids. Visitors can help themselves when the smallest reindeer herd in the Alps is served its daily main course of Icelandic moss and, for dessert, "reindeer sweets" made from a mixture of grains.

Wandern im Pustertal